Coming soon to an Android smartphone you can call from your PC

Just a few days ago the famous company Microsoft has announced a very interesting gadget Surface Duo, who will be running the Green Robot. What was pretty surprised by their fans. We reported to you and in order not to miss such materials in the future, I advise you to subscribe to our channel in the Telegram. But, as it turned out, the announcement of the device is not the only step the software giant in the direction of Android. Soon with the help of an ordinary personal computer can be easy to call on a smartphone running on Android.

How to call from PC to Android smartphone? Why not

How to call on Android smartphone with PC

Windows gets more and more opportunities to integrate with the gadgets on Android in recent months. Debut app that allows you to receive notifications from a smartphone right to your desktop and also the option of typing from your desktop and send messages to contacts from your address book Android. Microsoft did a better job of synchronizing your data, making sharing photos and videos between platforms even more convenient than before.

But Microsoft is clearly not going to stop and, as it became known from the announcement on the portal, at the moment the developers being tested a fresh build of Windows 10, which will bring even more exciting features. Of course, numerous improvements in the operating system itself will also be, but we are interested in something else — a new feature of the app Your Phone (“Your phone”) will allow you to make calls using the microphone and speakers of your computer, as well as to “transfer” calls between PC and phone. That is, you can start a conversation on one device and continue on another. This is, admittedly, very convenient!

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But that’s not all. Apart from the obvious things like reject an incoming call from the PC or response message, users will also be able to make and receive calls. While it is not entirely clear how it will be implemented. In particular, it is not clear whether it will be necessary to “pair” your phone with your computer for example Bluetooth headphones or you’ll need to connect them to the same Internet network. But the new option looks quite promising. Microsoft says that you can not only make calls to contacts from your address book, but also to dial the number manually.

At the moment vengeance is testing a new build developers and beta testers. In parallel, developers can add and some new features that will be available in the final version of the update. The update, according to some estimates, is worth waiting for not too long — until early next year. Some sources name as the possible date of release of the first quarter of 2020, but more precise information at the moment. It remains to wait for official statements from Microsoft.

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