Commissioner and the Irish Data Protection check on the compliance of Google for the law of the GDPR

Google Company

Ahead of the European Union law the general protection of personal data known acronym in the name of the GDPR a year ago, but it received a large number of complaints because of the way the application of the company Google does not. Finally, the commission said the Irish Data Protection (DPC) that it will open an investigation to verify the accusations.

According to the news agency Reuters, she says : ” there are a number of applications, including the browser Brave designed to protect privacy“, and removes it when somebody visits a website, it is raising the personal data directly to dozens or hundreds of companies without the consent of the user in order to display targeted ads.

He stated The Office of the Irish data protection that has been making an investigation of Google and Ad Exchange of its own. Will determine whether Google complied with the laws of the GDPR through the system to the Basic Law of treatment, and the principles of transparency.

Most companies have offices in the capital of the Irish Dublin, therefore, they fall under the control of the commissioner and the Irish Data Protection. Allows regulators to impose fines on companies that violate the data protection laws which may be up to 4% of the revenues of the global, or 20 billion euros. He said the executive body earlier this month that there are 51 scale investigation currently under way, and one third of these investigations is against the corporate technical Major such as Twitter and LinkedIn and Apple and Facebook.


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