Commitment to healthy eating can destroy your kidneys

All of us from early childhood go on about the importance of healthy nutrition. Through adolescence we force-fed all kinds of cereals, and as an adult, we began to learn about the useful properties of and other products. Read, for example, about the property of pomegranate juice to slow down aging and you’ll want to buy a bottle and drink it today in the evening. But don’t overdo it — excessive “useful” products can cause your body irreparable harm. Proof of this can be considered the case of an 81-year-old Amateur foods that are high in antioxidants. With his diet, he wanted to stop the oxidation processes in the body and slow the aging of cells, but the unusual diet almost destroyed his kidneys.

It is important to know measure in everything, even in a healthy diet

Unusual medical history shared a non-profit organization Allegheny Health Network, which owns several hospitals in the United States. The main character of the story turned out to be 81-year-old man, who all his life had good health, and in spite of type two diabetes are almost never lying in the hospital.

A bad diet can kill you

However, one day his body gave a failure during the examination, doctors found he had twice as high concentration of creatinine. This substance is formed in the human muscles and into the bloodstream, and then excreted along with the urine. The high content of creatinine in the blood indicates improper kidney function men, but the causes of kidney failure, the doctors found. As mentioned above, the patient was in good health and had no bad habits.

Antioxidants can cause kidney failure

However, a bad habit he still was and she was very unusual. Blood men showed that his kidneys had accumulated enormous amounts of salts of oxalic acid, which led to the destruction of renal tissue. The situation worsened to such an extent that the patient began to complain of nausea and dramatic weight loss. His relatives noticed that some days it’s like he’s aged a few years.

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Damage antioxidants

The reason for the accumulation of salts, oxalic acid was the commitment of men to a healthy diet. Apparently, he read somewhere about the benefits of slowing down the cell aging antioxidants and began to eat rich food. The doctors found that every day, the man drank a liter of almond milk, peanuts, hazelnuts, cocoa powder and other similar products. Unusual diet has led to the fact that daily along with products in his body fell about 1500 milligrams of oxalic acid that is 10 times the daily rate.

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As soon as the reason for ailments men have been identified, the doctors cured him. Putting a ban on deadly diet that the patient considered for anti-aging, they have reduced the amount of oxalic acid in his body. Later, his kidneys began to work better, which led to a decrease in creatinine in his blood. However, to normal values, it is not dropped.

Sounds pretty scary, huh? This story can be considered another proof that all you need to know the measure. Yes, many products, such as olives, can be beneficial to our health. But if there are too many of them, the amount of nutrients our body may be worse than without them.

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