Companies in technology, life paint a potential vaccine for MERS-CoV to be tested on humans


The world is facing a crisis now because of the spread of corona virus. This is because at the present time, there is no known cure for this virus, but there is some good news. The company announced Moderna, a biotech company, recently they had drafted for possible MERS-CoV and it is now ready for human testing.

Was sent vials of the vaccine already now to the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases where it will be used in the first phase of the study in the United States. They expect to start clinical trials first in late April, where he will participate 25 volunteers in the tests, with the expectation of the appearance of the results in the month of July or August.

According to the company Moderna, it has stated by saying : ” mRNA-1273 is a vaccine against the encoding of novel coronavirus to obtain the compound protein Spike S which has been designed by Moderna in collaboration with the NIAID. Composite protein S necessary integration membranous infection of the host cells was the target of a vaccine against a virus of the coronavirus responsible for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ( MERS ) and severe acute respiratory syndrome ( SARS )”.

However, this does not mean that the vaccine ready for public consumption yet, they are going to need tests to test its validity. However, this is still good news because it at least indicates that we are moving towards something.

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