Companies in the content industry in talks with IMAX to view her movies without Cinema

شركات صناعة المحتوى في محادثات مع IMAX لعرض أفلامها لدور السينما

Looked step in the production of entertainment content on the internet strong as the quality in the manufacture of films and TV shows, but this stopped suddenly when a certain limit because of the nature of the show to participate in the services, as companies banned from entering the contests World movies because of the lack of display in the film as required, and therefore it seems that everything will change again.

According to executive director of buy IMAX the author of a series of hundreds of cinemas known around the world, the company is in talks with broadcast services content and to view her films in theaters, to be distributed away from the network.

If this happens, the companies will more money certainly view her movies in the cinemas, especially since they pay a lot of money to produce films and serials, so you will be compensated better compared with the contributions on the internet – which apparently it is no longer as previous recently, as Netflix for example, its shares fell sleep during the last quarter of the year, which foreshadowed the proposal by the end of the service broadcast content in its current form.

Most likely, this step will be services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming services content to achieve a better income stimulating the production of the films stronger, which is what makes it also a candidate to enter global competitions away from profits.

The companies and the content industry in talks with IMAX to view the film without film appeared first on the tech world.

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