Companies swallowed by Apple in 2018

Did Apple make acquisitions throughout the year quietly. Maybe you didn’t hear about it a little or it was mentioned that news on the sidelines in our weekly. In this article we will mention the acquisitions that Apple has done this year. What is the purpose behind these ongoing processes to acquire any other company, especially startups. Continued with us.

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It is notable that Apple does not confirm acquisitions only rarely. And just as a buy companies technology junior from time to time, and disclose the purpose of the purchase or what kind of plans Apple do. This is the details of the procurement process, timing and all that will be opaque in the raid.


Company Buddybuild was founded in the year 2015, and providing tools to develop applications and share it with users to enable them to experience and follow the performance of the applications. In the 2 last January was the news that Apple acquired already on that company and joined the team Buddybuild to the engineering group of your Xcode in the Apple to provide tools to develop iOS full platform support Xcode as a key goal behind that process.

Silicon Valley Data Science

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View, California. On 19 January last there were reports that Apple had acquired a company SVDS a consulting company in the field of data science, strategy, analysis, especially analysis related to advertising. Where did that company provide analysis of the data of companies, the largest private expectations and operational efficiencies, customer relations, etc.

It wasn’t an acquisition in full, he said the company they hired a few dozen employees of that company and it was the most important. the company’s CEO.


Confirmed Apple on 12 March, it acquired a company Texture, the site is famous for the digital world. That enables you to access the best magazines in the world by a comprehensive product catalog at a monthly basis through the application of its famous Texture through a subscription service in digital magazines. In the acquisition of said Eddy Q. from Apple “Apple is committed to good journalism and reliable sources, as well as galaxies that produce substances attractive to users”. The process of the acquisition of the Texture is one of the largest acquisitions of Apple in 2018. Has been reduced the prices of premium class to $ 10 per month and shut down the application windows. It is expected to be the goal of that page is the focus of Apple’s continuous news application, which is expected to launch Apple’s subscription service in the early spring of 2019 depending on the platform of the Texture.

Akonia Holographics

On 29 August, Apple announced that it had acquired the company Akonia Holographics emerging that focus on making lenses for augmented reality. The company was established in 2012 and received about 200 patents for different technologies on top of augmented reality glasses. Was gathered that the police at least $ 11.6 million of financing. But why is the announcement of the acquisition value. The goal of that page is very clear, which is the attention of Apple’s big with augmented reality and developed.


The company was founded Shazam in 1999 by two students, are Barton and English from the University of California. One of the features of Shazam that with one tap on the screen of your phone or computer, you can know the name of the song is unknown, and request information about the album and also the dates of his concerts just by listening the program to the song or the melody. This depends on the way that the application through audio fingerprinting and other processes complex mathematical software was able to capture the song or the pictures folder, and then analyzes the data from millions of songs then up to the requested information.

Apple acquired formally on service Shazam in the month of November 2017 without announced value of the deal, but several sources confirmed that the service cost the Apple company about $ 400 million, and pointed the Apple to the she is very happy accession of Shazia and her team of talented it, asserting that Shazam is one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform. Also not afraid to have huge projects with this app in the future, such as integration with iOS and Music Apple TV, and integrate it with Siri.


Company Spektral is a Danish company specializing in the programming of audio, video and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in this area. It is said that the value of the transaction amounted to approximately $ 30 million, though not confirmed by Apple to figure this out. And already in 2017 but did not show the news of the acquisition until October 2018 when they confirmed the Apple TV. It is believed that the objective of that page is the application techniques the company Spektral in the camera application on iOS as well as other things like Clips and Final Cut Pro and iMovie. In the previous picture has been the use of artificial intelligence to change the background of the scene.


The month of October Buy deals were not necessarily the work of a full takeover. From this, the company Dialog, a company specializing in semiconductor, has worked with Apple a long time as part of the supply chain. On October 10, Apple announced and Dialog about the convention for several years to obtain licenses to patents especially with power management to prolong battery life. Will Apple’s introduction of $ 300 million as part of the deal will be another $ 300 million in purchase agreements in the coming years. Furthermore Apple announced that it intends to employ around 300 staff from the Dialog who had previously worked in projects linked to the Apple company in the manufacture of the chip.


On October 15 last, it was announced that Apple acquired the Asaii own analyses of the musical. But after showing that Apple couldn’t take on police, but rather hired its founders.

Silk Labs

On 20 November it was said that Apple had acquired the company Silk Labs, a company founded in 2015 and aims to employ artificial intelligence “lightweight” and employed in consumer products such as surveillance cameras, smart home, issued in the year 2016, which included face recognition technology and the body, as well as can analyse the multiple and even identify a pet. As the apple of the big supporters of the use of artificial intelligence has been the pursuit of the acquisition of that company.


The acquisition was announced Final buy Apple TV just two weeks ago almost on company Platoon which was founded in 2016 by Denzyl Feigelson, who worked at Apple for more than 15 years. A company engaged in the discovery and development of musical talent and support.

The bottom line

Certainly not all of these acquisitions that Apple has done, there are other processes take place behind the scenes is not disclosed in a timely manner. And from behind those operations that Apple is primarily interested in the data and analysis employing artificial intelligence in everything.

Why do you think Apple says with the acquisition of any startup in this way? Tell us in the comments.



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