Company Airbnb require to get started in the design of the homes, according to a new report


For those who are trying to avoid paying fees hotels expensive in the countries they are visiting, Airbnb is one of the alternatives people are currently available. Often, the service operates Airbnb as an intermediary between the host and the guest, as you know the platform Airbnb homes available available for short-term stays which are usually cheaper than hotels.

However, no company can remain dependent on the system working this for a long time, that is why we are not surprised when we learned that the company Airbnb wants to expand its offerings. According to a new report released recently from the website Fast Company, it appears that the company Airbnb is planning to expand its business to include design houses, thanks to the division in the company named Samara was instigated by the product manager in the company and co-founder of the company, Mr. Joe Gebbia in the year 2016.

According to the report, it says that the Department for the Samara is to launch a new initiative, called the Backyard, an initiative that has been described as ” an attempt to design and test new ways to build and share houses. “ But this does not necessarily mean the creation of residential units which the company may lease it to the guests themselves.

According to Mr. Joe Gebbia, it was announced by saying : ” Backyard check in how to use the buildings for advanced manufacturing, techniques and the smart home, and gain wide community of Airbnb in order to respond to the detailed needs of the owner, or static variable with the passage of time. Directly Backyard does not aim to create zones, but it is an initiative to reinvent home. The complex houses, we are taking a broad approach, not just design one thing, but a system that can do many things. “ It would be interesting to know what the outcome of the match is made and how it will match this initiative with the activity of Airbnb over the long term.


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