Company Alphabet launches a Outline, a secure VPN service reporters


Google announced directly Google News Initiative to combat the false News earlier today, and now the company decided to launch the secure VPN service reporters called Outline. And company Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google that has been developing this new service launched by the Jigsaw a technology incubator in the Alphabet. It should be noted that the service Outline is Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) open source enables news organizations of safe access to the internet open.

Will enable the service Outline news organizations and companies to set up a VPN server easily on your server so that it can call safely to the internet and ensure the privacy of contacts. It uses many people in all around the world VPNs VPN to protect themselves online, but not all VPN Services are secure and reliable. And most of them require users to trust the institution of third-party and most often they don’t know who manages the servers that depend on those services, but this is different with the service of Outline because it allows news organizations set up a VPN on its own servers. Don’t say service Outline also logs traffic to the users entertained.

Can news organizations prepare Outline for any provider of cloud services or even in its own servers so that they can own and run your VPN completely, thus eliminating the need to trust the vendor of third-party VPN to interact with their data. Start plans by about $ 5 per month.

And the Jigsaw that the Outline is a product in a preliminary stage currently and will be launching versions for other platforms in the future.



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