Company and tell the police not to look for iPhone equipped with Face ID of suspects

iPhone XS Max

Received Apple a lot of criticism of the government on its decision to encrypt phones and give users the key. This means that the police in some countries and in some cases you can’t force suspects to unlock their smartphones. As Apple also create some layers of additional protection which prevents the opening devices in case of making numerous failed attempts.

In the case of iPhones that use the Face ID, users can experience unlock the phone using the face about five times before disabling this feature, will users need to after that use the password to unlock the phone. And that’s why the police been notified by a security company named Elcomsoft to avoid looking at the phones iPhone equipped with Face ID as much as possible to avoid the use of one of those attempts inadvertently. This is in accordance with the presentation was to get it by the location of the Motherboard.

Since then, the president and CEO of Elcomsoft, Mr. Vladimir Katalov that what came in the report of the site of the Motherboard so true that he stated by saying : ” This is very simple. Is ask for a passcode after five unsuccessful attempts to match the face. So by looking at the phone of the suspect, loses the detective on the spot one of the attempts “.

Although Apple tries to make its devices as safe as possible, it has resorted to law enforcement agencies to third party companies to get the solutions to unlock your Apple devices, such as a GrayBox, which was used to open many of the smart phones belonging to the suspects.


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