Company ARM cut off her relationship with Huawei and license the design of the chips them

شركة ARM تقطع علاقتها مع هواوي وتسحب رخص تصميم الرقاقات منها

In the hit new and stiff to buy the Huawei Chinese company informed the ARM to design a chip of their employees to stop dealing with the Chinese police and cut off any relationships with the company’s affiliates; which include the company’s semiconductor session of the organization for Kirin based architectural firm ARM architecture used in Huawei phones.

According to BBC, the company ARM, which is headquartered in Britain owned by the company SoftBank the Japanese found themselves under penalty of resolution of the American which prevents the cooperation of American companies with China’s Huawei without the authorization of the government; due to the fact that the technique used in the design and construction of architectural chip of its American origin, which inevitably we have to make that decision on what it looks like; without the say so or even to emphasize that the decision had been based on the memorandum of the American government itself.

With the accession of the ARM to the list of companies the county is for Do recent right to use license for the ARM build processors Kirin will depend wheel chip manufacturing company has seen its affiliate in relation to the chips based on the architecture ARM.

In Dora the recent news that Huawei’s own chip American original enough to fill its need for a year, where they increased the amount of demand and production during the past three months; but this does not deny that it will inevitably in the case of the continuation of the crisis which makes her in the unenviable position of possibly preclude their ability to continue to export competitive products without included with the technology of America.

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