Company ARM to cut ties with Huawei in hit describes its mission director

Huawei P30 Pro --

Is the wave effect caused by the protection of trade imposed by the United States of America on China in the spread, this time affect the company’s ARM leading the design of the chips and processors.

It was reported that the company that UK-based not have sent a note to the staff to turn off ” all the contracts of the activity, entitlements and support, and any connections hanging ” with Huawei because of the ” technology of U.S. origin ” in the designs of ARM. The company ARM only officially they ” comply with the latest laws set by the United States government “. Issued Huawei also commenting on the attitude in which she said : ” We appreciate our close relationship with our partners, but we realize the stress that some of them, as a result of the decisions of politically motivated “.

Adopt ARM technology is the basis of most processors designed for mobile devices and without them you won’t be able Huawei to develop their own processors. As such, this is a big blow to buy Huawei, which was described by one analyst as the hit ” can’t overcome “.

The government has placed the American company Huawei in its blacklist, which means that it is forbidden to all American companies such as Google to deal with it. Postponed United States later the ban for 90 days which allowed the purchase of Huawei’s access to some American-made goods to some extent.


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