Company Bang and Olufsen of Denmark and married her assistant, voice assistant services Google

شركة Bang and Olufsen الدنماركية تُزود مساعدها الصوتي بخدمات مساعد قوقل

Will the Danish company Bang and Olufsen the author of the electronic products of high quality, strengthening her voice Beosound, with the assistant of Google Voice in the new version does, in mid September.

The company has launched an updated version of the Beosound 1, The وBeosound 2 at the beginning of autumn, which began a price tag of$ 1750, and probably will start the women supported with the plugin Google the same price.

Given the distance of the B&O home can draw our attention to its attractive design, which comes in cylindrical shrink gradually from the base until the arrival of the head, and Beosound wireless capability of many intermediary devices that allow the transfer of audio or video from one device to another, the example device Google Chromecast and Apple TV Airplay 2, as well as specify.

And don’t think aid audio Beosound 1 وBeosound 2, aid audio cheap price, it seems the price of them respectively 1750$ و2250$, but it guarantees the purity of the sound high and many of the nurses that qualifies them for the contents of the smart home and execute commands nicely.

The difference between the device at least price. it is designed to be portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, which continuously move, of course, on the quality of the specs for compatibility with the capacity of the battery, the Besound 2, which is higher-priced it is designed to be connected to electricity, it is the specification of strong and the sound is very pure.

He noted that the new product will be available in stores by mid-September next, in the United States, Canada, and many European countries, India, Japan, Mexico,

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