Company CERN launches the application ProtonVPN free on the Android platform,


Met with a team of CERN with scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of technology a few years ago to create a service secure and encrypted e-mail called ProtonMail. Moreover, they have done in the past year also launched a VPN service new after the decline of the privacy laws of the internet signed by the Obama administration. And version service ProtonVPN for the first time as a pilot for users of personal computers in March of 2017 before offered to the general users in the month of June. Now, it was finally the version of the application ProtonVPN on the Android platform.

There was a very high demand on the service ProtonVPN, especially the free, and for that reason the police had to create a waiting list, so you can control the flow of users. Has been opened to service correctly for all users in September of last year.

Service ProtonVPN offer multiple plans starting from the free access to a plan that cost 24$ per month. For for free plan, they provide the possibility to use the service on only one device and provides the only access to the server in three countries. As for the paid which cost 24$ per month, they provide access to the virtual private network ” VPN ” on about 10 devices as servers in all countries available for use.

The service itself is based on the standard OpenVPN open source and is compatible with VPN Services other supporting OpenVPN. Users can get technical on ProtonVPN on their mobile devices using apps OpenVPN rule from the third party. Generally, the application of ProtonVPN for Android is now available for free download on the Google Play Store.



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