Company Cray and AMD will manufacture the most powerful computer giant in the world for American government

شركة Cray وAMD ستقومان بتصنيع أقوى حاسب عملاق في العالم لصالح الحكومة الأمريكية

It seems that the United States will remain on top of the list of states that have the most powerful computers giant; which are used for operations large and bulky in a large range of fields of study climate and weather conditions to physical simulation, has announced the AMD that it would in collaboration with Cray for the manufacture of supercomputer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory the U.S. Department of energy.

Where supposed to start the project by 2021 in conjunction with the delivery of the Intel وCray computer Aurora giant laboratory Argonne National Research subsidiaries is also the U.S. Department of energy. Following the minister of energy, the American computer giant’s new which will be called Frontier that is a new record confirms the leadership of the United States to the world in the scientific field, he also added that it will help improve the living conditions and Economic the Americans and the rest of the world’s population.

Said executive director of Cray House of Ungaro that Frontier will have the speed in performing operations of $ 1.6 xaa flop and is super fast so that 1 xaa flop equals one million billion calculations per second; to this situation the capacity of the operational tremendous help total capacity up to 160 a supercomputer available in the world currently.

Will Frontier a large area equal to that of a tennis ball basket will be a network of cables and connectors with a combined length of 140 kms, and the scope of the data transfer in the network will be huge so lets download 100 thousand Movie HD by only one second !

Lusi hell use this case by engineers and scientists in many areas of research, which include the control of climate change and prediction of hurricanes and sudden, in addition to the medical and drug development will also be used to free space and study the magazines.

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