Company develops foldable phone turns into a smart watch

Wearing the company name TCL usually phones Alcatel low-cost devices the BlackBerry, but recently made its name with devices folding also, where shown the drawings patented own designs many of the devices folding as it appears on the page.

Was more designs to attract attention is a foldable phone that can talk to a smart watch, it might be more complicated than the previous smart regular, where the design looks less secure and the theft of hours smart hand traditional, and is likely to require the company to modify the Android interface is great to avoid this kind of problems, while you will get many advantages such as the possibility of cellular connection and storage space, large when you choose to use it instead of the previous traditional smart.

The image also shows two devices the size of a tablet, somebody with a folding screen designed like a book, the other folding to the outside just like a Royole Flexpai.

As for the last two devices in the picture, they were smart, one of them features a clamshell design where the screen from the inside, while the other shows a design where the screen from the outside, although we prefer the first design because it works to protect the screen when folded, while the second design might expose the screen to scratches in the pocket.

Anyway, it is expected that these images are just prototypes, so that TCL could still cancel or modify the design of some devices, the executive said in the company it will launch the first folding apparatus in 2020.

What do you think of the designs, folding the opposition? Which ones better? Join us to comment.

Source: cnet

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