Company Domino’s choose non-cash payment system in stores and


Always is resorting to technology to facilitate services to customers. Similarly, the company announced Domino’s now she is trying to experience the museums-free payment system traditional. Payment instead of cash, customers will be able to pay using several different methods, such as credit cards and payment services via mobile devices such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and Google Pay cards Instagift. Would be customers can use these payment methods for purchase and delivery within the stores.

Work Company Domino’s to experience the new payment system at five stores in Australia. Says the CEO of Domino’s in Australia and New Zealand, Mr Nick Knight, that this will help to reduce the number of rows in the stores as well as reduce waiting times and delivery. The logic here is that it is reducing the amount of idle time thanks to the disappearance of the cash payment or dealing with the rest of the price.

This may be appropriate if you remember most clients log in to the account of PayPal their own before they get in front of the counter, in case you didn’t remember it, you’ll be easy to conduct a cash transaction instead. One of the advantages of the new payment system is that it will help to protect the employees because the stores and the delivery will not be need to carry money anymore.

This does not mean that the company Domino’s will entirely depend on taking money from the customer. Said a spokesman for the company : ” will the customer in the end the payment method that suits their preferences “.

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