Company EA believes that the future of games may lie in the Smart TV

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I’ve changed the video-game sector over the past years. One day restricted games machines arcade, then came the home consoles, then it became we also have personal computers which have become more capable of running games, then we have mobile devices, there are also discussions about how the technology of augmented reality and virtual reality to change the future of gaming.

But according to Electronic Arts, they recognize that Smart TVs could be the future of gaming also. During his talk with the site of the Games Industry, explained the Vice President of growth and strategic company EA, Mr. Matt Bilbey how can devices Smart TVs to be the key to the future of gaming, where will customers who in across Smart TVs, companies like EA make games of the future understand the customers better and make appropriate recommendations.

According to Matt Bilbey, he has stated by saying : ” the spread of Smart TV sets is very large. If we were able to put the application on this smart TV, whether it is Origin or Access, you buy this subscription, or display selective – display a family similar to Netflix with this Knowledge – then we can really use to understand on how to play this games and recommend other games within this category, whether it’s games, family games or basic, depending on your age, and depending on which way you like to play. “

However, I don’t think Matt Bilbey that home consoles will disappear any time soon, he also suggests that the devices broadcast online gaming can be a part of the future of gaming too, especially when you link it with a smart TV because it allows anyone who has a subscription to the gaming services via the Internet to take advantage of it if you wanted. It’s an interesting idea, but it remains to be seen if this future happens or not.


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