Company EA plugged a vulnerability in its platform that threatened the accounts of the millions of players

شركة EA تسد ثغرة أمنية في منصتها هددت حسابات ملايين اللاعبين

Bridging the gaming company of America, Electronic Arts and knowledge test (EA) vulnerability security in its platform to play Direct was threatening millions of users, where was the flaw let hackers access the accounts of the players and grab them and impersonate their identity.

In came update the EA to prevent it and control it; building on the communications of my company’s Cyber-Security Check Point Research وCyberInt, where the gap used subdomains old platform EA games as well as the way users log on to their account and the means of security in making sure passwords.

That could be devastating for the company in the event and penetrate accounts through it, as EA are the second largest games globally and have millions of users; and a large number of accounts was on the brink of robbery and exploitation in a manner that will happen complete chaos in the company and exposed to large losses.

Following the lab from the company Electronic Security discovered a gap by saying that the gaps and weaknesses that are reached serve as a reminder to the owners of cloud platforms as porous.

Adding to these platforms ” platforms play live and” learn always to hacking is increasingly being containing as much of information and sensitive data of its users.

In advised both companies of the need for asylum the players to activate the login via two-step verification, also alerted to the presence alert the parents to their children from the operations of the electronic localization their always the risk of phishing and fraud.

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