Company Energiser will announce the first phone with a battery is so huge

Do you want to get a phone with no battery? Or even think you need to charge your devices? Company batteries famous Energiser enter free phones several phones battery is huge, but it is now set to detect the best phone to have in terms of the battery, as you would expect sought? The answer in today’s article.

شركة Energiser ستعلن عن أول هاتف ببطارية ضخمة جدا

Company Energiser will announce the first phone with a battery is so huge

Many of this companies that revealed phones specifications high technology, especially the battery, where there are phones carry a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, and through him you can charge your other devices, but today the company Energiser breach of all accepted, and to detect a phone with a battery with a capacity of 16000 mAh, yes it’s 16 thousand mAh.

So that the phone will carry the name of the Energizer Power Max P16K Pro, and through this name shows us the extent of the company’s eagerness to show all that shows on the strength of the power of the phone, where it bears the name of energy loss as well as backup with a battery capacity large.

The phone gets the specification of good technique are as follows, such as a screen size of 5.99-inch thoroughly HD+, with a front camera accurately 8 megapixel, as well as the battery mentioned had sought earlier, and is revealed to the rest of the technical specifications, but this article headline of the company:

As is evident, the material will be 26 February, i.e. two days from now, exactly at the exhibition electronics MWC in Barcelona, we will wait for this phone is the battery huge.

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