Company Epic Games has no plans to stop selling the game Rocket League on the platform of the Steam

Rocket League

Lately, it turns out that the company Epic Games will take possession of the company Psyonix Games, which also means that the company you will also get games such as Rocket League. In a publication on the website of the Rocket League’s official website, announced Epic Games it’s going to bring the game Rocket League to the store Epic Games Store.

Let this community of gamers at a loss on what that means for players who purchased the game on the platform Steam. You will be removed in the end? You will stop players Steam use game? In a statement issued to the site US Gamer, explained the company Epic Games since that game Rocket League will remain on the platform of Steam and will not go anywhere, at least not in the near future.

According to the company Epic Games, has stated by saying : ” We continue to sell Rocket League on the platform Steam, and did not announce any plans to stop selling the game there. Keep Rocket League is available for new buyers on Steam, it will be announced long-term plans in the future. “ It seems that the game will continue to be present on both platforms in the future, although we believe that the company Epic Games will most likely try to make it exclusive to follow the Epic Games Store to avoid giving part of the proceeds from the game company Valve.

The company Epic Games launched the store Epic Games Store in the last year, a store that was filled in the first games of the company such as Fortnite. However, the company was able to subsequently attract other games to the store like Metro Exodus, and The Division 2.


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