Company Epic take on the video application entertainment Houseparty

شركة Epic تستحوذ على تطبيق الفيديو الترفيهي Houseparty
Acquired the gaming company famous Epic on the application of video entertainment, the owner of the people’s Republic of youth ”Houseparty”, where I have been in the market for social apps is only three years but he won on the proportion of use of great given that it is a combination of Snapchat and the application of FaceTime.

Where the application to conduct group conversations with a maximum of up to eight people as well as private conversations between users disappear in about 24 hours, just like publications, stories, or conversations in Snapchat.

In didn’t mention the police any information about the value of the acquisition deal as they did not reveal the plan exploited to investigate in the future while keeping them on the mechanism of action of its routine at the moment, it is worth mentioning that the last census about the numbers of users Houseparty reported 35 million users, the majority of them under the age of 24.

It appears from this step to a company Epic is in the process of expanding its activities in order to increase its financial resources where it has recently launched store her toys etc as the value of its market capitalization then of $ 15 million, in the case of the exploitation of the company for this application to increase his audience will be in the way of increasing their market value and once again enter the market very profitable next to the gaming market which stands out in it.

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