Company Epic will be the safety of the accounts of the players with two-step verification via SMS and email

شركة Epic ستعزز أمان حسابات اللاعبين بميزة التحقق بخطوتين عبر الرسائل القصيرة والبريد الإلكتروني

Work Company Epic world and game free rich profile to increase account security of the players by adding protection features another this time with two-step verification or authentication of login through SMS and through to make sure through e-mail; which is a step used in most of the sites and availability of corporate and social networking accounts of their customers for a long time.

In comes the evil step these in order to provide better protection to customers where he said that more than 250 million people around the world have accounts in the Epic, the verification steps will avoid a lot of the hacking attack, noting that the system did not with regard to piracy, mainly, but also choose some users of the hack via their use of the same password-the original title of the e-mail was hacked was the reason for them this problem.

The company is currently scrutinizing the accounts of the users and ensure their safety by comparing the results of the hack with the website Have I Been Pwned to train them to use passwords that have been leaked already, with the disclaimer need to choose a password that is distinctive and different from the meet with in favour of using software to generate passwords to increase the security even more with the procedures in this regard.

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