Company Essential cancel production of the phone by the killer with a hint of intent to sell

Company started Essentials founded by one of the developers of Android Andy Rubin its way aggressively to compete with other manufacturers of other smart phones.

The Robin to working with Google Inc. after the acquisition on the Android system famous, and in the beginning of 2017 foundations Rubin of the new company to offer smart phones will change the balance of power in the world of smart phones.
With the passage of time, intensified competition between them and the rest of the companies, especially after the launch of the phone is its first Essential PH-1

But sales of the new phone Essential PH-1 were not as expected sales came to own weak, it did not exceed phone sales of 90 thousand units around the world compared to the rest of the sales of the other soldiers on the scene, and we find that sales are very slim, so the company decided to cancel the second generation of phone development

Suffered phone Essential PH-1 of some technical problems where bought many buyers of the weakness of the capabilities of the camera, and network-related issues that touch the problems of making phone calls.

They also didn’t sell well to the context of price competition where he was the initial price of the phone $ 699, the same price of the phone iPhone which has been introduced as a competitor.

For a start, a new you must follow the policy of price competition so you can establish itself strongly in the smartphone market

The aspirations of the company in the production of another phone

The company has been working on a model new phone, but since then has canceled the development of the new smartphone have been around engineers and other resources to the forum upcoming smartphone, which is supposed to launch it to market by next year.

Throughout the first year, I encountered Essential also disorders in the ranks of its employees. I lost dozens of Engineers hardware and software as well as senior executives. Left Brian Wallace, Vice President of Marketing, after a few weeks of starting the company. Earlier this year, he left Joe Tate, the head of hardware engineering

Focused discussions of the current on the sale of the entire company, including the Patent Portfolio, products and devices such as smart phone original, and smart home Next, and the camera of the phone.

It is likely to be engineering talent essential to buy Essentials, which include those who have been hired from Apple. The company Google, as part of the deal. Did the police take a final decision on the

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