Company Essential start selling the new extensions dedicated for its Essential PH-1

Aims phone Essential PH-1 to the transaction device that the personal property of the user terms will not be forced to owning the programs and features that are not wanted.

In the month of May 2017 uncover innovative Android system on the phone his new Essential PH-1, and was one of the points of the basic marketing of this phone is that the company will begin selling a special assortment of device accessories, but we have seen the launch of any new extensions other than the 360-degree camera that was launched along with the phone itself.

It seems that things have changed, they really took advantage of the company CES CES 2018 to talk about the new lineup of accessories that are designed specifically to work with the phone, and through a tweet published by an account of their official platform Twitter announced that it has started selling accessories and accessories through its web site.

There are some accessories available for purchase starting today, there are another set will be provided at a later time is not specific yet.

And speaking of accessories available for purchase currently, the company offers In-Ear Headphones “Earphones HD”, this fish is related to the phone through USB Type-C and provide Audio of high precision, can be obtained for $ 99 USD.

Besides the provided earphones mini named “Earphones Mini”, which relate to the phone through USB Type-C also, but it does not provide the possibilities of the sound of high precision, and the cost of these headphones $ 49 USD.

It features both models of the existence of a button to multiple functions, which allows user to answer and terminate calls and start music, activate the assistant Google.

Perhaps the most important extension is contained within the store is the shipper of the new highway 27 watts, which ensures that the phone on charging as soon as possible, so that the company is providing up to four hours of battery life within 10 minutes of charging, and is characterized by charger charging port type a USB Type-C, a price of 39 USD.

Besides, the company will provide an adapter from USB Type-C to 3.5 millimeters at a price of 15 USD, which can be used with any smart phone equipped with a port USB Type-C.

As declared Essential for the pair of accessories are not available yet, and its those accessories portfolio camera 360 degrees, to the platform side Click Connector disclosed by the company in the month of May 2017, which allows user to charge a phone wirelessly.


Source: Company Essential start selling the new extensions dedicated for its Essential PH-1

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