Company even the implementation of the stopped supply shipments of Huawei following the decision of the American

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Denied the semiconductor company of the German even the reports that talked about stop the supply of shipment of Chip of Huawei China, following the recent American decision, which was issued by Audi to stop major American companies deal with it where it was on her head, Google, Intel and Ko you in accordance with the Lerwick centre.

Came the company denied the German response to the report of Nikkei reported stop even to supply its shipments of Huawei having been put last on the ban list, the U.S. allegedly it’s advice close to the company, to become said that the majority of products supplied by Infineon Huawei not subject to the ban list, the U.S. declared that providing Huawei’s products will remain stable.

Where I explained that the chip to distribute the energy used in cars as well as those used in cell phones and wind turbines don’t fall into the ban list any that the majority of the industries out of the brunt of the US decision.

In that the effect of the resolution of the long mainly products manufacturer in the United States where she will study under the laws of the Ministry of economy, the U.S. export, adding that the company has enough flexibility to include our global supply chains to comply with applicable laws.

It is noteworthy that the shares of the company fell by 4% in the market of computer chips, the European exchange in Frankfurt following the report, as well as the right of landing an arrow company STM by 8% competition for partners in the Chinese market.

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