Company factory covers protective implying support for iPhone 11 next to the Apple Pencil

iPhone XS

Since the launch of the PEN E-Apple Pencil, there was a lot of people who are wondering if iPhone will support this stylus. We’ve heard rumors that he may be up to the iPhone, which reached in the year 2018, but obviously that has not materialized, and recently we also heard that the stylus support Apple Pencil up to the iPhone expected in the month of September.

It seems that this rumor is gaining more credibility because in a series of publications on the store MobileFun, a British, show us some covers Olixar protective designed for the next generation of the iPhone, which referred to the company in the name of the iPhone 11 Pro. What draws attention in its design is the presence of the in the background where it is expected to put pen e-Apple Pencil.

According to the description of Olixar, he says : ” this protective cover skin Black great Olixar phone iPhone 11 Pro is made of real leather. excellent design offers amazing protection reputable for your phone in the package high quality and stylish, with the convenience of the Apple Pencil “.


When it comes to the manufacturers of the covers and protective designs are available for smartphones, it makes sense to have some of these companies are some of the sources that gives information about the upcoming devices in order to release the protective covers for those devices once they reach the market or shortly before. Guessing the alternative is that some companies say that design based on leaks and rumors for the issuance of the accessories early, so it is difficult to determine from can be right, so please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.

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