Company Ferrari has officially announced its plans to create its electric car, high-speed


When it comes to cars high-speed, the vast majority of them still run on fuel. Maybe this is done to meet the needs of consumers who think that cars that run on fuel will always provide better performance than those that run on electricity. However, it seems that the company Ferrari recently confirmed it will lead the establishment of electric car super speed would be able to meet the needs of the lovers of fast cars and eco-friendly.

This was confirmed by the CEO of the company, Mr. Sergio Marchionne, who is quoted saying : ” If there is an electric car a super-speed is being developed, it will be the company Ferrari is the first. People into the company Tesla with its electric car high-speed. I’m not slamming what he did Elon Musk but I think it is doable by us all. “

It is interesting that we find the statement, Sergio Marchionne looks like a change in the heart of the company, where he was a former President of the company Ferrari 7 years ago had pledged that the police would never create an electric car. However the situation has clearly changed since then to now, especially with the acquisition of the company Tesla for more people with fast cars and future which is packed with more new and innovative features.

We also started to see more companies specializing in the automotive industry start to move towards the manufacture of more hybrid and electric cars, so it’s on Ferrari to do this challenge also, the company announcement that it is working to develop its own electric car should not be a surprise to anyone. However it remains to be seen whether this decision will determine the support of the fans of this leading brand in the industry of luxury cars, high-speed, but we believe that we will have to first see the performance of the car mentioned know that.


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