Company Foxconn confirms its great production for iPhone in India

iPhone XS Max

Frequency in the recent past that the company Foxconn expanding process of the production of iPhone in India, especially its models of modern, and now comes confirmation from Mr. Terry Gou himself, who holds the position of chairman of the board of Directors of the company Foxconn Technology Group. Confirms Mr. Terry Gou that the iPhone will enter mass production in India later this year.

Added Mr. Terry Gou that the Prime Minister of India had invited him to the country to talk about the plans of company to Foxconn for in India. This will be a major shift for the largest A Apple TV devices in the world, it used company Foxconn for a very long time the manufacture of Apple devices in China.

Some models of iPhone old is produced already in India currently, but Foxconn will now produce phones iPhone the latest in the country. On this subject, stated Mr. Terry Gou, said : ” in the future, we will play a very important role in the smart phone industry in India“, he added : ” We moved the production lines of our own there. “

Foxconn is no stranger to manufacturing smartphones in India. Already have site to site in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu where the devices are manufactured Xiaomi and Nokia. According to the news agency poor that the assembly line, a subsidiary of Foxconn in India will be able to service domestic and external markets by the time of the announcement of the new models of iPhone in September of this year.

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