Company GoPro know the same for sale after a long series of graduation due to the weak revenue

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It wasn’t smooth sailing for the company GoPro, which amounted to $ 3 billion USD after the IPO in 2014. They still suffer from weak revenues as it had to abandon its plans for some new products because of margin problems. It seems that the company has prepared the same imperative that has now become know the same for sale.

Have confirmed company GoPro earlier this week that it has laid off staff in the Department of unmanned aircraft. The company has also confirmed that the aircraft drone GoPro Karma own you’ll be home the last of this section, what this means is categorically out company GoPro market of unmanned aircraft.

Starting from the demise of last Monday, the decreased market value to buy a GoPro to nearly 1 billion USD. Declined their shares by 19 percent in trading at midday after it confirmed its abandonment of about 20 percent of its workforce.

CEO of GoPro, Mr. Nick Woodman said for CNBC on Monday that the company is willing to consider a sale or partnership with another company even though they plan to stay independent, he said : ” If there’s a chance for us to with a company or to make the scope of GoPro’s wider, it’s something to look at. “

The author of the report hinted that the company GoPro hired the enterprise investment J. P. Morgan Chase to look into the possibility of selling the company. It should be noted that the company, J. P. Morgan Chase also contributed to the preparation of the IPO to buy a GoPro in 2014. And yet there is no information about whether there are companies that actually plan to take the company GoPro.


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