Company Grab receive an investment of $ 850 million to the development of Applied services the financial

شركة Grab تتلقي استثماراً بقيمة 850 مليون دولار لتطوير تطبيقها وخدمات المالية

Got a transport company, participatory startups Grab $ 850 million investment in its financial services and support the digital development of their application and the services it provides to customers.

Came invest New divided on the two sides of the first and the largest Japanese banks MBFJF an aggregate amount of $ 700 million, and the second is the Japanese company for technical TIS the rest of the building, amounting to $ 150 million.

To be the process of pumping money in the development of the company’s services War new in her hand to confront her rival Indonesian in the region GoJek, after that acquired a Grab on the operations of Uber in South East Asia in March 2018.

Said the director of a transport company, participatory Ming Maa in the announcement of the new investment that his company will cooperate with the bank MBFJF by TIS will be resolved to develop financial products and services to ensure greater access to financial services at affordable prices which is considered as a primary key to improve integration of the past in Southeast Asia.

It is worth mentioning since the departure of Uber-game competition in the region, the competition has become directly between the Grab وGoJek where they launched a recent service by Singapore; in the shadow of the work of both companies for business expansion and investment in creating the application meets all the purposes of the user security structure for the region.

The company got May on investment of $ 1.46 million dollars from the fund, see the SoftBank Saudi Japan in March 2019 for the work develop and update on their application and financial services.

The value of Grab market value of $ 14 million and offer their services in 8 states as its rival GoJek the ability of its market value estimated at $ 10 billion according to the last evaluations of the company’s market vision CB.



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