Company Harley-Davidson also explore the idea of creating a bicycle electric


Earlier this year, the company announced the industry leader in motorcycles and the famous Harley-Davidson announced its plans to launch the first electric bike company. You know this electric bike in the name of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, which is considered the first study of the company’s plug-in hybrid, which is not cheap, the price starts from 30 thousand USD. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, it may be a company happy to respond to your requests.

According to a new report released recently from the website Electrek, it seems that the company Harley-Davidson looking to explore the idea of creating a bicycle electric. Yes, you heard right. Of course, the concept of a bicycle or electric bicycle with motor is not new, so we’re not sure yet of new things that will come by this bicycle electric boat company Herley-Davidson which is lacking in cycling competition.

You may think company Harley-Davidson simply on its brand to sell this bicycle electric, but according to the company announcement at the annual meeting, it is stated by saying : ” the first bicycle electric company Harley-Davidson lightweight, fast and easy for anyone to install. Think this lineup all-new, bicycle electric, designed to shine in urban environments, just another example of how the Direct Harley-Davidson More Roads actively to inspire a new generation of racers with the wheel around the world “.

There is no information about the expected date of the arrival of the bicycle or electric can also be expensive, but given the company’s brand reputation, we believe that it will not be cheap, but it will have to wait and see what happens in the end.

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