Company Harman Kardon announces the speaker at the price of 700 $ with Google Assistant

With one of the most important advantages of smart speakers is to facilitate access to the digital assistants and access to information with audio, however some users still perceive it as the traditional shopping to broadcast music, and prefer those which offer powerful audio experience.

For those category of users, the company announced the Harman Kardon pioneer in the field of acoustics yesterday for the Citation 500, a speakerphone, intelligent call assistant Google Google Assistant, and intends to display during the IFA exhibition in 2018 during the period between 31 August and 5 September 2018 capital German Berlin then will open for pre-order in Europe before the end of next month.

Comes speaker new in black and grey options cover of wool, similar to a loudspeaker Google Home covered for, but it will be more expensive compared to the latter, as it will stop Citation 500 at a price of 549 GBP.

This price, which is equivalent to nearly 700 USD, the difference between the Citation 500 and Google Home Max of about $ 300 American, becoming the second most expensive Speaker with the assistant of Google smartphone after the Band & Olufsen Beosound rate of its 1,750 USD.

Comes Citation 500 with speakers capable of 200 watts it supports audio broadcast high-accuracy 24-bit frequency 96 kHz, it offers a color LCD screen.

It should be noted that the speaker of the new Harman Kardon is the third speaker intelligent voice him after the Allure with the assistant Amazon’s digital Alexa at a price of 249$, and Invoke method with the assistant of Microsoft’s digital Cortana at the price of 199 USD. It is expected that launches Speaker with the assistant of Samsung, the company owners, the Bixby.

Do you think that the speakers of the smart worth all that price? Let me know in the comments.

The company Harman Kardon announces the speaker at the price of 700 $ with Google Assistant was first deployed in the are.

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