Company Highbury launches the most powerful charging unit, external (27.000 Milli-amp) and three regions

شركة هايبر تطلق أقوى وحدة شحن خارجية (27.000 ملي أمبير) وبثلاث منافذBatteries very important thing in our daily life, so we see competition between companies to draw in this area, the company announced the Hyper for the charging unit of the external or what some have termed the Mobile Power Bank USB C on behalf of the Highbury Gus, capacity 27000 Milli-AMP which are the strongest globally and first among its peers that support USB port C with a capacity of 100 watts.

And the charging unit that the three houses with different capacities, two of which are USB-C and USB A features all of which feature fast charging 0.3 A, the entry USB C one of them with a capacity of 100 watts and the other 60 watts while the freight entrance security phones USB A capacity of 18 watts, this Features think hyper Jos larger capacity belly has been approved officially.

Can ship the unit within an hour charger 100 watts to get the time filled, and it takes 1.7 hours when using the charger 60 watts, and it is what distinguishes hyper José that can be used to charge the devices at the time you ship, used for doorways 100 watts and 60 watts and 18 watts to charge the Mac book pro 15 inch, Mac book pro 13 inch iOS X, respectively, at the same time, and also many other devices that are located in within the system capabilities of hyper prowl, as the video demonstrates :

Web unit weight is 550 grams for the price, introduced its website Kichsarter B 149$ for the first to say buy a less than the price of retail about 50$, where the projected price in the market with the launch of the beginning of November of$299.

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