Company HMD Global Oy confirms her attendance to see the IFA 2019 for the first time ever


The company announced the HMD Global Oy officially today that they will come to know IFA 2019 to be held in the first week of the month of next September in the capital of German, Berlin. This was confirmed by the Great officials of the organizations in the Finnish company, Mr. Juho Sarvikas through tweets new in his account official on the Twitter network, but it did not provide a lot of information, it is enough to disclose the time and date. Put a mark on the day 5 September in your calendar if you require to know what company has the HMD Global Oy up its sleeve for us.

In the case if expectations are correct, it is assumed that the company HMD Global Oy slide the curtain officially unveiled two phones Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 in the event. There are rumors about the possibility of the launch of these phones in the month of August, but there’s nothing official, so the appearance of these two phones at the IFA exhibition 2019 is not impossible. There are also Phone Nokia 5.2 also known by name symbolic Daredevil, which will bring with it three cameras in the duty of his background, including a camera background accurately 48 megapixels.

There are more smart phones in the rumor mill, too, such as phone Nokia 9.1 PureView. Claimed the recent rumors that it will be released in the second quarter of this year, but released another report later hinted that it was postponing the launch of this phone to the fourth quarter of this year, but we heard that he would pay the 5G, which will be processor leading the latest from Qualcomm, as well as the camera five way the best.

There is also a phone Nokia 8.2, which may be the first phone from the company HMD Global Oy featuring a front camera pop up, although we didn’t hear much about the release date until now. Historically, the Mobile World Congress MWC is the place to uncover the best Nokia phones, but a lot has changed since then. We are long waiting for a new flagship from the company HMD Global Oy.


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