Company HMD Global Oy decides to extend its support for the first generation of Nokia phones own

Nokia 8

One of the problems of Android devices in it due to the fact that it is manufactured by several manufacturers, and identifying such things as the period of support release dates and updates up to quite those companies, not Google. The good news is that if you own a Nokia phone from a company HMD Global Oy, it seems that the latter decided to support these devices for an additional year.

According to the publication on its official Nokia Community, stated one of the employees said : ” with the approaching period of two years specified in advance of completion, we remain committed to providing the best experiences and most secure. What does that mean? Well, once we get to two years from the date of launch of the device in the market, will be able to all of Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8 to receive security updates quarterly until the end of the second year “.

It should be noted that Nokia, or rather the HMD Global Oy is talking here about the security updates. There is no mention for android key, so it is unclear whether these smart phones will get more updates Android key or not. However, if you plan to keep this smartphone for a long time, you can bet it will be fairly safe at least.


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