Company HMD Global Oy stop manufacturing, selling phone Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

The launch of the phone Nokia 8 Sirocco at a high price of 750 euros. I’ve dropped the price a bit since then, it has become, for example, sold for 520 € in the Amazon store in France. Similarly, the reduced its price in the United Kingdom as well up to 440 pounds. But this is not the weird part in the story.

If you click on the button ” Buy Now ” on the website of Nokia, at least in Europe, you will be redirected to the main page. Not to mention that the prices displayed on the Website is far from what you know a local retailer. However, this is not the case in India where the price displayed ( 37 thousand Indian rupees ) is less than the supply price ( 50 thousand Indian rupees ) to store FlipKat, and when the pressure is on the Buy button to get the message that it is ” not currently available ” instead of redirected to the main page.

Did you expect a company HMD Global Oy for the manufacture and sale phone Nokia 8 Sirocco is? Well, all the indicators suggesting it. Although it’s sad to see leaving the phone end, it is the cycle of life, dying phone, it offers another.

In this case, maybe we’ll see the birth of phone Nokia 8.1 that has been observed in recent years in the performance tests with the processor Snapdragon 710. However, we believe that it is illogical to compare phone Nokia 8 Sirocco with phone Nokia 8.1. In fact, the phone Nokia 8 Sirocco deserves to be replaced with a phone in Pioneer regions such as Nokia 9 PureView, which will of new.



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