Company HMD Global Oy subject to because of the send data to users of Nokia phones to servers tray

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Subject to the company HMD Global Oy which became legislation on the manufacture of smart phones that Nokia branded machines to select from before body to monitor data protection in Finland after the issuance of the reports that some of the phones the company sent data to servers in China. Comes investigation after she claimed the radio voice of the Norwegian NRK that she has evidence to show that Nokia was sending sensitive data to China on the advice of the owner of the device.

Said Henrik Austad, the man who provided the advice that he was watching the data traffic on your phone Nokia 7 Plus its found it sends the information unencrypted to the server tray. The data included the card number, the SIM serial number of the phone and its location. Revealed the findings of the radio voice that the server was under the domain of the ” ” which is run by the phone company, China Telecom owned by the state.

Said Reijo Aarnio, which is the first official in the panel of data protection in Finland, that the investigation would now if there was an intentional and share personal information, as well as find out whether they can provide a legal justification for it. Show the deep sea that this was probably applies to the Chinese version of the phone Nokia 7 Plus and not the global version.

It has been extrapolate that from the statement submitted by company HMD Global Oy to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat the Finnish. The company said that the data collection was due to an error in the source code where is included ” pack activation ” by mistake in the operating system for some phones. She added that only one set of phones Nokia 7 Plus is using this package. He also reported that he has been addressing the problem in the update issued by the company in the month of January last and most customers have installed.

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