Company HMD Global will an extra year of updates for Nokia phones!

Saw a 2017 return to the brand Time-Honored for Nokia phones to the smartphone market, with a range of modern phones are capable of competition with the Android operating system, thanks to the company license HMD Global.

شركة HMD Global ستقدم عاماً إضافياً من التحديثات لهواتف نوكيا

Company HMD Global will an extra year of updates for Nokia phones

Worked HMD Global on the production of Nokia phones worthy of admiration, the beginning of the specifications, prices and even the speed of updates, saw a 2017 launch of the first generation of Nokia phones new and included a set characteristic such as Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 and Nokia 8 flagship.

Receive all the phones listed above identify keynote speakers for the operating system since the launch, as well as regular security updates just as promised HMD Global, and now the company announced an additional year of security updates to those devices.

You say HMD Global that it would issue updates quarterly for phones starting from next month, where he will receive Nokia 3 updates quarterly until September 2020, while start Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8 get security patches quarterly own starting from October 2019 to October 2020, after they get the security patches the older.

This new step will be a good addition for Nokia phones New within the company to revive the relationship of cell phones famous, the oldest, we are also waiting the launch of the Nokia phones New through September, has already spilled some of the details of the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 .

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