Company Honor claims it is No. 1 in China

The subject company to Honor claims it is No. 1 in China appeared on Engadget.

At the time that he cares about people phone Honor View 20, which is the first smartphone featuring a Megapixel to 48 megapixels, I took the company Honor of Huawei of this opportunity to display how their growth.

Where the alleged company as a sub-brand No. 1 in China, where it’s outperformed the company Shao in the number of phones sold in the emerging economies over the past two years.

As alleged by the Honor that she has grown by 150% in the external market, and it’s among the leading brands in Europe which gained a lot of admiration in India and Malaysia.

It is worth mentioning that the phone Honor View 20 is the first phone that was announced includes the front camera on body piercing, it is supposed to be launching the phone officially after a few weeks.


The subject company to Honor claims it is No. 1 in China appeared on Engadget.

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