Company HP acquires maker of supercomputers Cray at $ 1.3 million

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The company announced that the American giant HP for its acquisition of the company Cray has a long history in the manufacture of supercomputers, where the company terminated the deal by $ 1.3 million to HP so frequent in academic departments, research centers, government given the close relationship between the computer giant and the state enter into Cray a number of major contracts with various government agencies.

Will this acquisition expanded the company HP in the technical market growing the companies other products and solutions computer giant in many states, where the company announced the AMD shortly before about her work with Cray to produce the fastest supercomputer in the world for laboratory Oak Ridge Government Ministry of energy, in that the past year has been cooperation with Japan industry supercomputer to study nuclear fusion.

Considers the acquisition of this important Lachin me to increase dominance in the market and enter into new areas with computers giant with enormous capacities which will influence in one way or another on the industry the company the other, they are Cray even though its not that popular but he can not ignored the fact that she has three of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

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