Company HTC let to buy a phone by Exodus 1 currency regular

The company revealed the HTC at the end of last year for her phone Exodus 1 building on the technology block Chi, but at the time, had offered the phone for pre-order only and draft digital currency encrypted based on technical and time when the price of the phone limits 1,000$ compared with the price of the currency at the time.

Now, just gave the police her phone for purchase naturally and using traditional currency and at a price of$ 699, and perhaps this comes because of falling prices of the digital currency encrypted significantly in recent weeks.

But anyway, it seems that the step HTC came a little late, today back to series phones the Samsung Galaxy S10 containing the electronic wallet based on the technique of block Qi and the exchange of digital currencies and save the data. Which is probably what makes it was willing to buy a phone Exodus 1 because of those technical amending of the resolution and One phones S10 special and they are much higher in all the advantages come at a price close to HTC phone talking on the phone S10e.

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