Company HTC says she hasn’t used yet, and refuses to withdraw from the smartphone market

HTC U12+ ---

We are sure that many are wondering what will happen to HTC Corporation. The company was previously one of the major players in the smartphone market and get a huge amount of sales not succeeded in making its brand and products more convincing than other brands, but over the years this company started in Taiwan in the soil, which allowed for others, including Chinese companies, to reduce it.

So that the company has sold its team responsible for the design and development of its smart phones to buy Google, so this page prompted many people to learn that the company HTC is probably thinking of the withdrawal of the smartphone market. However, this is not necessarily the case, because he recently released a new report from the website DigiTimes replaced by the HTC Corporation the idea that they’ll be out of the smartphone market, said they still have plans to issue several devices.

According to DigiTimes, it has stated by saying : ” the company stressed that HTC it will continue to strengthen its activity in the field of smartphones by launching new models at the end of the year 2018 and early 2019. “ It seems that HTC has shown interest in the technology of fifth generation 5G also. ” In addition to continuing to improve the platform and virtual reality enrich the content of the virtual reality and augmented reality, the company said HTC they will make efforts also to integrate relevant techniques, including artificial intelligence, the Balkans, the networks fifth generation 5G launch a new series of devices for the 5G era “.

There have been rumors indicate that it may not be the release of the phone HTC U13 next year, it was speculated at the time that the company HTC is considering the release of the smartphone category average instead of the telephone pilot, but we’ll wait and see.


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