Company IKEA intends to enter into sector of electronic games with accessories own


The company IKEA, the Swedish furniture industry leader over the years expanded its business to be able to meet a variety of life styles instead of making furniture only. Recently, the company announced its plans to explore the idea of creating furniture automated for small apartments, but it won’t stop there.

In fact, I the company recently announced that it will cooperate with the company UNYQ to develop extensions to the players to improve their lifestyle at home. No, I won’t see the mouses games or consoles download brand IKEA, but instead, it seems that the police are looking for products created for players with special needs.

According to the director of creative in the company of IKEA, Mr. Michael Nikolic, he stated by saying : ” it is true that we have not seen the full potential of this group earlier and did not look to their own in the house as much as we should. There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the players. In fact, it’s a large group of people in all ages where games are a full-time job for some of them “.

Some of the prototypes created so far have included the covers for the buttons of the keyboard, and wire the mouse, and also a special strap to the wrist which uses the camera of your smartphone to conduct a survey of the dimensions of your wrist to the nature of the belt is convenient to use three-dimensional printer.

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