Company IKEA topping the furniture automation is the perfect solution for small apartments


In some countries such as Hong Kong, houses can be extremely expensive, and even small apartments, but unfortunately, this is the reality of the real estate market now. So, with this limited space, how will the House? Well, it turns out that the Swedish company IKEA solution to this problem is the furniture automated.

This furniture automation is a piece of furniture fitted with engines it can move and talk according to your needs. This means that during the day you may not need to your bed, the furniture can control the detection of the couch or office work, and at night, you can turn it back to the bed.

This is not a new concept as we have seen before, although furniture custom will not be cheap often. However, given that the company IKEA is known to manufacture furniture a low cost to all segments of society, there is some hope that the company may be available to a low-cost solution.

The company announced IKEA that it will cooperate with the company Ori, an American company for the manufacture of furniture, automated furniture design automated. Details are scarce at the moment, but is expected to drive the company to disclose more details in the summer of this year. It seems that IKEA are doing a good job in expanding its offerings of technical, it has now started to also provide blinds smart, amplifiers, plugs, smart, etc other household products.

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