Company “Infinity” plans to unveil its electric car sports QX Inspiration Monday

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Company intends to “Infinity” Infiniti Motor unveiled its innovative electric cars of the Model “Q x Aspen” QX Inspiration during the North American International Auto Show in session for the year 2019 this month.

The company said that this step comes to review the future of the company in the field of manufacturing electric cars, as well as the plans “Infinity” in the world of electric cars with high performance, gives full confidence to this sector, and opens the door to a new era of designs the company through the launch of revolutionary technology and unique. And control in the folds of the essence of the original creativity of the Japanese to present the vision inspired by the ability and character of which discover the future of the company in respect of the engines of alternative energy.

Company believes “Infinity” that the development of new platforms for electric vehicles offers the possibility of innovative interior designs within the car shine, the spacious alliance of the dimensions of the lounges. As for the “Q-x-Aspen”, it has been manufacturing the cabin according to the manual technical review of the traditional methods with raw materials and draws its inspiration from the delicacy of Japanese art simplified. And technology interior design principle of hospitality the Japanese original or as it is called “omotenashi”, which lets an environment of welcome and offers the driver a contributing factor connects users to the world around them.

Commenting, stated Karim Habib, director of Design, CEO of “Infinity”: “The concept of “Q x Aspen” the starting point of a new era in the history of “infinity” and the boundary that you want the company to achieve its. He has given us new technology the opportunity to apply its own philosophy in the field of design, where he adopts this new model of enterprises the concept of power is a quiet gem”.

It is planned that the disclosure of the concept of “Infinity” new in Detroit on 14 January 2019.

The gate Arab News Technical company “Infinity” plans to unveil its electric car sports QX Inspiration Monday

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