Company JDI manufactured the first fingerprint reader transparent in the world

Announced JDI company -specialized in the production of screens – from creating the first fingerprint reader of its production, which works with the touch customary, but it’s completely transparent and can be used in phones of the future. Usually manufactured sensors footprint of the conventional silicon material a substance is not transparent, and recently managed the company Synaptics put the reader insight behind the glass screen, but the technology JDI to take things to a completely different approach. Think sensor new fingerprint technology Pixel Eyes that used by JDI in LCD screens, which the company developed to the point where it could read a fingerprint through the article reactive glass panel of the screen. Scheduled to begin JDI in the sale of sensor new in March of next year, it will come to sizes of 8×8 MS meter with a line to produce sensors larger and smaller and more flexible in the future. Source: Japan Display

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