Company line learning to its entry into the UAE market

Companies in Russia specialized in the field of analysis of social networking sites artificial intelligence to learn about starting its journey in the UAE market.

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Announced line, specialized and leader in the field of analysis of social networking sites artificial intelligence, about the launch of its services in the UAE market to be the first step in its strategy of expansion in various markets in the region to provide its services and solutions advanced digital.

Following Abdullah Asiri, founder and CEO, about this step: “this step comes within the strategy that drew Russia to reach new markets and provide their services and their products to attract customer and enhance the position and the company’s ability to expand , as this step is the first step in market strategy developed by the line to get promising markets and create new opportunity in these markets over the coming years.”

The line has announced two months ago about the launch of its strategic partnership with the Company Act, the global leader in the management of social networking sites. The company also announced in the beginning of the Year current access to investment from a number of investors in the region of $ 4 million SAR.

Referred to the company line, founded in 2016, and was able during the three years of the development of advanced techniques in artificial intelligence to provide solutions and services analysis and monitoring of social media and digital channels, which enabled it to obtain strategic partnerships with global companies and received a number of awards, as well as access to a large number of customers.

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