Company Lucid Motors is working on an electric car Sport will be revealed during the summer

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According to those close to the company Lucid Motors emerging industry of electric cars; they started really working on an electric car of class athlete serving use of consumer-multiple, where it is expected to reveal the company during this summer, is expected to launch the company’s first electric car is not “”Lucid Air of the type of sedan in early 2020.

And implementation of the Lucid plan to work on a sports car it has been the response of the director of the Department of technical Peter Rose last week to a question that this is possible, and that Lucid Motors may reveal its plan for its new electric this year.

It is worth mentioning that the Fund Invest of the year Saudi Arabia has made an investment in the company Lucid $ 1 million in some things still stuck and check the US government to confirm the investment process, which is in all cases the motivation of the president of the company to work on her car sports the next time that seeks to launch the Lucid Air.

According to the company’s plan the price policies to be applied in the first round in the market to consumers will remain the limits of just $ 100 thousand, it will work on the production of cars and models will be at a lower price of about $ 60 thousand, this price guarantee for manufacturing level and provide the required support to the company.

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