Company Mazda will be the first of its electric car in 2020

شركة مازدا ستقدم أول سياراتها الكهربائية في عام 2020

Soon will the electric car market entry of a new competitor has revealed the company Mazda on the lips of its executive director Akira most it will be the first electric car of its audience by next year, where the car will be to design and create the company without any partnership with other parties within the architectural Mazda special according to Automotive News Europe.

Also that Mazda intend to launch a new model motor hybrid after its electric car which is expected to be her car hybrid available in the market in 2021-2022, in the executive director reported also that their partnership with Toyota will not have an impact in the car industry and the Mazda electric to show that the partnership will be invested in is different.

In view of the lateness of the company Mazda in entering this market can say for sure that ways to fight the governments of the various emissions and pollution emanating from the engines of Transport; has mow made for the track and push its limit space is similar to the tournaments in order to maintain its position and abide by the laws imposed on car emissions and on top of the laws of the European Union the most severe in this regard.

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