Company MediaTek unveils first processor built with the world’s fifth-generation and 7 nm

MediaTek 5G SoC

The company announced MediaTek is one of the largest companies in the manufacture of processors and developed by launch for the first processing chip built to work with fifth-generation through the integration of modem by Helio M70 5G processor with Cortex-A77 the central processor and graphics Mali-G77 in the single-chip made by 7 nm.

Used MediaTek this point to bypass Qualcomm that had been revealed about its flagship with modem solo with fifth-generation to support them, but MediaTek has integrated all the advantages in one chip provides more space and increases the battery life as it will allow for the utilization of space to increase the capacity of the batteries also.

And download speed with Chip new treatment to 4.7 GB per second, the speed of lifting to 2.5 Gbps according to the company, however, in spite of the leadership of the company to integrate a modem fifth generation with chip processing they couldn’t negotiate on modem Qualcomm X55 fast as it provides a download speed of 7 Gbps.

This may be a step in the proper way of MediaTek after watching the Huawei with the United States government and the exit of intel from the project, the techniques of the fifth generation of smart phones, means it will be suitable for Qualcomm currently the principal in spite of the large gap between the two companies.

It is worth mentioning that the new chip which allows 5G SoC will be released to the market with the beginning of 2020 through the phones of various companies.

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